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About us


We're working at the intersection of life and business.

One Global Venture (1GV) is a global community of corporate and public sector contributors whose mission is to impart information, dispense knowledge and deliver professional services through consultancy, coaching and training programs.  We use direct delivery models, in-person and virtually, to connect with our audience. 


One of our key offerings shall be the continuous compilation of white papers, video-lectures and short documentaries to motivate, to inspire and to develop students, business professionals, grassroots organizers, public sector workers, leaders and global allies to action. 

1GV has a very ambitious mission:  To promote a “village mentality” which focuses on the impact within organizations when business is personal. 

Business is personal; it is relationship-oriented; and therefore warrants adequate people investment.  Our goal is to support assist each client to maximize business outcomes through its relationship with employees, customers and the community at large.



Business Process Outsourcing

Valuable Partners. 

Whether brick and mortar or virtual, your business infrastructure is critical to your success! Our team of expert consultants work with clients at various stages of their  business growth.  Whether creating a mobile app which enhances connection to your target market, supporting logistics and supply chain management or complete management of back office systems, we provide solutions that fit your needs.

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Marketing & Social Media

Content Creation.

Our team of copywriters and social media marketing professionals can provide compelling copy to showcase your brand or help to manage your social media campaign. Or, perhaps you need curriculum developers to design a training course. We have writers who have produced multi-media copy for some of the world’s most notable brands and government agencies. 

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Professional Development

Making business personal.

This division provides support for organization's people programs by providing support for employee relations and engagement; career transition support; outplacement services; international acclimatization of American professionals placed in foreign offices; change management, leadership; and impact of education inequality in the U.S. on business outcomes.

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 Balanced Life




Life & Work should be complementary.


People are naturally creative; we aren’t meant to be robotic. When creative expression and input are denied, employees begin to disengage.

Rethink workplace Creativity.


To create is to “own”.


Integrity (Conscientious Behavior)


Investment in Talent 


Investment in Community 


Return on Investment

Our Mission

  • To create workplaces where employees are engaged, encouraged, inspired.

  • To develop leaders who are skilled in people matters.

  • To prepare organizations and employees for 21st century work culture

  • To assist clients’ in building enterprises that are purposeful, passion-led and personal

Training & Development

Training &


  • Career Transitioning - Where to From Here? (Holland Theory)

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI):  The Root & Branch of Change Management

  • Why Somebody Had To Do IT - Revisiting School Desegregation 

  • Getting Started:  Road Mapping to Entrepreneurship

  • Cultural Adaptation – Making International Placements Work

  • Outplacement Support - Managing Layoffs 

  • Engaged: Doing Business That is Purposeful, Passion-Led and Personal


One Global Venture (1GV) is proud to serve a community of dynamic and diverse businesses. We have the scope necessary to provide the solutions you need, and the support to make your goals a reality. We look beyond the obvious to find innovative ways of solving existing and future challenges.


Reach out if you’d like to learn more about our services.

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